Geniuses, a very incomplete list

In Uncategorized on December 9, 2004 by Cody McComas

I am working on compiling a list of geniuses. I will periodically add to the list. Feel free to comment or add any that you feel deserve to make the list. Oh, and let me know who they are and why you think they should make the list if you want.

Alan Greenspan
John Steinbeck
The Beatles
Jimmy Page
Robert Plant
Eric Clapton
Paul Simon
Jared Russell Orme
James Taylor
Tim Burton
Steve Miller


4 Responses to “Geniuses, a very incomplete list”

  1. Steve Miller. Need I say more.

  2. Indeed.

  3. David Gilmour? Perhaps more of an emotional genius.

  4. as far as geniuses go…
    perhaps the single man who first presented ice comets to nasa
    ira glass
    jules bastien-lepage who painted MY painting at the metropolitan museum of art in nyc
    che guevara (have you SEEN the motorcycle diaries???)
    korczak ziolkowski
    i’ll have to think on it more….

    as a sidenote… i’m starting at the beginning…

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