In Ramblings on December 15, 2004 by Cody McComas

“Honor Code suspension is used when the students
violation is serious or repetitive. The student may
be required to discontinue immediately from current
classes or at the end of the term or semester as deter-
mined by individual circumstances. The student is prevented
from subsequent enrollment until satisfactory
completion of the specified conditions is verified and
the Honor Code registration hold has been removed.”
-BYU-Idaho Student Handbook pg. 74

This is what I get for being over at a friends apartment and while covering myself with a huge pillow, allowing my pants to drop to my ankles, thus exposing my bare, skinny, bird legs from mid-shin down for 2 seconds in an attempt to be funny.


One Response to “Suspension”

  1. Hah! Nice one hoser. 🙂

    I guess that helps making the decision to stay or not a bit easier eh? 😉

    – Carson

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