Are we more than Stumbling Giants?

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2005 by Cody McComas

“And so we find ourselves exactly where we begin, day in and day out you may strive for a noble existence and wear out your life in that pursuit but what end does this serve? How should a man react when he sees the ideals that can create and lead nations of kings yield only the fruit of the futility of reality? Ideals buried in the depths of his soul, not created there, but placed by an outside power. Should man ignore the desire to adhere to the principles that he, himself, fails in at every hand? Is there really no hope derived from love or faith, honesty or integrity? Have we been endowed with nothing more than a mockery of grand sentiments, giants which stumble under the weight of practice and practicality? There are men who will tell you not to subscribe to hope, that it is only an illusion made to complicate and deceive; that he has come to an understanding of some of the workings of this world and hope should be abandoned as a myth. Many join the philosophy created of a necessity and with some degree of neutrality disguised as happiness waste their lives away. Back to where we started. Day in and Day out I strive for a noble existence and wear out my life in that pursuit, and hold on to hope and love and faith and integrity. And I know that these ideals where not born in me, but have given me breath of life. To live we must not fear dying; to love we must not fear crying, and though we fail and wear on our lives still there is hope and it is real.”

Here is another small example of the genius that is my friend Nate Mecham spilling forth. Thank you Nate. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Such vast amounts of wisdom contained in such a youthful package. What a combination! Youth and wisdom! Both embodied in a soul so capable and willing and excited and eager to learn and share. This post echoes an earlier one made by me.


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