Hold On…

In Ramblings on February 1, 2005 by Cody McComas

Hold on
Baby’s gotta hold on.

Sometimes it seems like life comes crashing down on us, with all its immensity and force and uncaring strength. Sometimes we are just left thinking, “What the hell!?!”, “Is this really it?!?” And the answer is,”YES!!!! This is it!”, “And we get to be a part of it!” For it is that same life with all its same immensity and brute force that comes crashing down on us in so many rainbows and wonders. Forcing us to be constantly amazed by all of it, all the time. The beauty, the ugly, the excitement, the “what the hell!” feelings. All of it. That is what makes it Life and an intense learning experience and amazing and beautiful and exciting. And scary and frightening and overwhelming and nuts. Yes ladies and gentlemen, This is Life, and you and I are officially participants. Grab ahold, and hold on!


3 Responses to “Hold On…”

  1. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case more often the what the hell days than the beauty of the rainbows. Hopefully there is chances ahead to see the beauty more abundantly

  2. Unrelated, but also “what the hell?”…

    Paraphrasing E.A.Burtt:

    The Aristotelian/Ptolemaic cosmology that Copernicus replaced had a lot more going for it than just the Catholic church’s iron-fisted endorsement. For example, the old model could predict astronomical phenomena with the same accuracy. The Copernican system even made some new predictions that it could not verify yet. Plain sense experience also seemed to confirm that the sun, stars and planets were perfect spheres and obviously much lighter than earth. Why couldn’t they be revolving around the earth?

    In other words, the only thing the Copernican system had going for it at the time was greater mathematical simplicity. That was it.

    So math forced us to revise our conception of God and our place in the universe.

  3. In regards to Anonymous’ comment: Hopefully indeed. What can we do else we hope?

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