Responding to comments

In Ramblings on February 2, 2005 by Cody McComas

Okay, so I am not the sharpest pencil in the art-room, but I did just find out how to “respond” to your comments in the “comments” section. I had been wanting to do so earlier, but I couldn’t figure out how. Then I looked on my friends blog and discovered that I can do it by merely posting my own comment as a response. Duh! So there you go. Let ye be even more encouraged to leave your own comments here, for I will definitely respond.


4 Responses to “Responding to comments”

  1. Your ‘alarm clock’ post seems incongruent with the rest of your posts. Perhaps,the name is the problem. It should not be called an ALARM clock. You set it – so why (?) would you be alarmed when it goes off, when in fact, the ‘alarm’ would be if it didn’t go off. Opportunity clock might be a better name. It announces new opportunities for a new day of discovery.

  2. Well, I’m wearing flip flops in protest of the groundhog day fiasco. . . your sister.

  3. I’ve got my flip-flops on too Amy

  4. In response to the comment on “Alarm Clocks.” Great observation, there is no reason for me to be alarmed, I am indeed the one that set it. Also, unfortunately quite often one of the first ‘discoveries’ that I make each day is that I am really tired, and I stayed up way too late making ‘discoveries’ the night before, which is really an indication of my lack of self-discipline, this being a never-ending battle for me. Thanks for comment.

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