In Pictures, Ramblings on April 28, 2005 by Cody McComas

originally uploaded by Cody McComas.

Okay, here is another installment of my cute nieces/nephews section. This is little Miss Brooke Ashley. Cutie pie.


3 Responses to “Brookey”

  1. She’s pretty DANG cute. I dare you to start a poll: my niece vs. your niece!! . . . (jk, I don’t know if I could take the heat. 🙂 )

  2. 2 things. First, yip she’s darn cute!!!! Althought I’m the mother, so I guess I get to think so. Second. I don’t like your poll. I refuse to vote. I don’t like to be forced to answer only one answer.


  3. Amy, that is essentially the very point of the poll, thank you for expressing your feelings.

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