Lewis AND Clark

In Ramblings on May 15, 2005 by Cody McComas

As I was in the depths of rebuilding the engine of my pickup (which is now running, by the way), I was talking to my brother-in-law Mark Mauzy. Now keep in mind that I have never rebuilt an engine before. Everything I now know about doing so, I taught myself by doing so. I learned as I went.
I was discussing with Mark about how often times it is reassuring, and helpful, and empowering to have someone else with you as you dive into the unknown. Even of neither of you really knows what you are doing, you at least have each other to encourage, and observe, and learn, and encourage, and encourage. Just having another person there, by your side. One will notice things that the other doesn’t, vice-versa, etc. I just said to Mark, “That is just so true, just having someone else there makes the task more do-able.” He responded, “That’s right, it was Lewis and Clark after all.”
Mark and I were referring to the unknown of the inner workings of an engine, but I would submit that this concept holds true for many areas of our lives. Perhaps having its base, or contributing to, our longing to not be alone in this world, but to have a partner. Someone to walk beside us and encourage us, and someone to share with.


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  1. Brilliant.

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