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“They say if you get far enough away
You’ll be on your way back home.”
–Tom Waits


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  1. And I like home…be it ever so humble…and it is even nicer when you are there……….Mom

  2. There’s a great movie that was put out several years ago — it’s called Homeward Bound. It stars three animals on their adventurous way home to the city after getting lost in the woods. It’s a tale of friendship and perserverance, and you’re not going to believe this: the animals talk! THEY TALK!

  3. Jared I have never made a bigger fool of myself laughing at a blog then I just have reading your comment. Not only was it unbridled and raucus, but it continued… until it stopped.

  4. Jared, Nate: I love the both of you…deeply.

  5. Speaking of organic objects that shouldn’t be talking here’s one of my favorite jokes:

    There were two muffins in the oven.

    One muffin said to the other, “Boy, it’s getting hot in here!”

    The other muffin said, “AAAAAHHHHHHH, A TALKING MUFFIN!!!”

    This has been “deep thoughts” with Mary Price.

    Speaking of deep thoughts, Emily just sprayed spit all over my face.
    That’s attractive.

    Speaking of attractive four of my ancentors married four of another person’s ansestors kids. That’s disgusting. . . like Emma and Mr. Knightly.

    Speaking of Knightly I think I’d look pretty good in one of those metal suits there. Hot, in fact.

    Speaking of hot, Emily keeps whispering in my ear to leave what I’m writing when it makes no sense whatsoever. WOW, it’s hot in here, at my house, my home, bringing us back to where Tom Waits told us we’d find ourselves once we had gone as far away from where we were when we left, arriving back at home.

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