In Ramblings on May 27, 2005 by Cody McComas

My name is Cody, and I am a jerk. (Recognition is the first step right?)


8 Responses to “Hello…”

  1. I don’t agree

  2. Hi Cody, Is this your first time at Jerks Anonymous? My name is…well this is anonymous, isn’t it. Sit down and don’t tell us your name again, unless you want to ruin this whole thing.

  3. do you care to expound? or are we just suppose to believe you, which is quite difficult. . . .infact impossible.

  4. Codyfoot….Could you do me a favor and just post a new blog entry? This one is seriously killing me every time I check your blog. Do you want me to tie you down and force you to listen to yellowcard on REPEAT?!!! CHANGE IT ALREADY!!


  5. I find this very hard to believe. All I hear about Cody is that “he has the biggest heart!! He’s sincerely honest and loving.”

  6. While my intention in writting this post was not fishing for comments or compliments, but just to be honest, I do very much appreciate your comments. Thank you. I love you all, deeply.

  7. what did you do that inspired this post?

  8. His name is James and he’d never admit that he was a jerk.

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