So what's more weird…

In Ramblings on June 7, 2005 by Cody McComas

…the fact that this burrito was mistaken for a gun, or the fact that this kid was bringing a burrito to school the size of a rifle?!


8 Responses to “So what's more weird…”

  1. I don’t know which is more weird, but I know which is cooler.

  2. Journey to my paradise place #3, right off main street you will fall upon this accomplished restaurant….Joel’s Burritos. Best Burrito I have ever had…and, I include, the size of a rifle….or at least my stomach would say so after I devour it.


  3. I think it is definitely weirder that the kid was bringing a burrito the size of a rifle to school! I mean, lots of harmless things have been mistaken for weapons before. We were evacuated from school because someone left a tape player on inside his locker. Supposedly it sounded like a ticking bomb. In the airport, they always seem to think my metal music stand is some sort of loaded contraption meant to injure others. I guess it would be possible to highjack a plane with one of those things. They’re pretty scary looking. Anyway, the point is a 2 and a half foot burrito!!?!! Is that really necessary?

  4. I too was at Mary’s school where the tape recorder was taken for a bomb. It was my friends. I guess some books fell on it and started playing… ticking… ha ha… Crazy. Just like burritos

  5. Is that necessary!? Were the pyramids necessary? Was it necessary for man build the airplane? Was it necessary to land on the moon? maybe not, but man, we’ve got to try something!

  6. Journalists are so witty.

  7. Nate, you are brilliant.

  8. The best part of the article is this one sentence-“It was loaded–with meat and beans.” Because I was seriously concerned with what was in the burrito… 🙂

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