We gotta try

In Ramblings on June 12, 2005 by Cody McComas

Were the pyramids necessary? Was it necessary for man build the airplane? Was it necessary to land on the moon? maybe not, but man, we’ve got to try something!
Nate E. Mecham


5 Responses to “We gotta try”

  1. Was it necessary to leave out the article before “build”? What it necessary to fail to capitalize “maybe”? Maybe not, but man, man has got to fail sometimes.

  2. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I messed up.

  3. Nate-“Do you rent or own?

  4. We all do Nate. I more than most.

  5. Is it even necessary to think about the mess ups? thha sen tents mayd purrfekt senss 2 mee rigardles 🙂

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