Color Code is a full-color portrait of the English language.

In Ramblings on August 15, 2005 by Cody McComas

The artwork is an interactive map of more than 33,000 words. Each word has been assigned a color based on the average color of images found by a search engine. The words are then grouped by meaning. The resulting patterns form an atlas of our lexicon.
–Martin Wattenberg

Very cool. Check it out here.


6 Responses to “Color Code is a full-color portrait of the English language.”

  1. Very interesting. I like it, but I do have one question- who took the time to do that?!

  2. I hope you’re not criticizing the artist/compiler for “wasting time” on a frivolity. You’re free to think so, of course, but I disagree. It seems valuable to me because it is interesting. Besides that, I would say that most americans, myself often included, do not spend their time doing anything more productive.

    (I don’t mean that as an attack, Lindsey, and I don’t intend to be mean — just starting conversation 🙂

  3. That being said, however, I didn’t honestly think it was very interesting. Neat idea though.

  4. Interesting and boring at the same time.

  5. And what I mean is: I think the idea is better than the results.

  6. Don’t worry, I do not feel attacked; though I appreciate the note- sometimes bloging is misunderstood. Without vocal tone, many things can be misconstrued.

    I did not mean that the artist was wasting time, just that it must have taken quite a long time to do that!

    I agree that a lot of Americans don’t spend time in productive activities, but this world is a better place for those who fill their lives with worth pursuits that fulfill their lives.

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