Caller, Answerer, and Stander.

In Ramblings on January 20, 2006 by Cody McComas

People involved:
Caller: He or she who makes/initiates the phone call.
Answerer: He or she who takes the time to answer what seems to be an important phone call from the Caller.
Stander: The schmuck who stands there and talks to the Caller, asking them questions, etc.

Please people, when you are the Caller, and you are talking to the Answerer please, please, please, do not waste the Answerer’s time by talking to the Stander. I feel this is, at the least, just common courtesy.


One Response to “Caller, Answerer, and Stander.”

  1. Oh man, being the “Stander” is one of my all time favorite past times. That way I get to control the conversation even though I have no justifiable part. I’ll not let your little request/rule deter me from my happiness.

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