My gripe with iTunes

In Music, Ramblings on February 13, 2006 by Cody McComas

iTunes is a great media player/organizer. I love it’s smooth operation with my iPod. But…it really bugs me how iTunes can’t seem to play a media file from it’s original location. For example, if I download a snippet of a song to My Desktop and want to listen to it to see it I like it, iTunes won’t just play that snippet of the song from My Desktop, it feels like it has to copy that entire file (song in this case) into its own little iTunes Music folder. My gripe about this: what if I don’t like the song, and want to delete it off of my computer? I can’t just simply drag that file that is located on My Desktop into the Recycle Bin, because a copy of the crappy song has been made and placed into the iTunes Music folder. So…I have to delete the song from iTunes and make sure that it deletes the file from its folder as well. This may be nit-picking, but it bugs me. I like maximize the use of my hard-drive and only use it up for stuff (songs, movies, programs, documents, etc.) that I actually like. There, I feel better.


4 Responses to “My gripe with iTunes”

  1. dude.. your problem is that you are using a “not mac” computer. On my computer I can listen to music or watch a movie in my finder window without even using an application at all. And itunes was made with macs in mind.

  2. How about right-click, then “open with” another program for temporary viewings?

  3. Good call Jared, in fact I downloaded and am using for that very purpose. It is a slick little program, I really like it. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned but I still think the best player is Winamp, both for video and audio
    although Videolan is a great one as well

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