The Glorious cause of America

In Ramblings on March 5, 2006 by Cody McComas

How a coarse, untrained army–“rabble in arms”–stood up to the worlds most powerful army.

This is a speech given by David McCullough without notes. It is fantastic. Well worth the read.

Speech here.

Q&A session here.


5 Responses to “The Glorious cause of America”

  1. Agreed, Cody. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the audio and printed this speech. I’ve gone over it a number of times. Very inspiring. Maybe it’s time I read 1776.

  2. I hear that book is grand.

  3. I was there and I thought he was using some notes.

    Either way, it was indeed an inspiring speech and a beautiful experience. “Do. Here and now. The great ones before did, in their there and then.”

  4. I took the “without notes” comment from the website.

  5. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to detract.

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