table dude

In Pictures, Ramblings on March 9, 2006 by Cody McComas

table dude

Originally uploaded by Cody McComas.

Weird guy in my biology lab dissecting a clam. I guess he found it necessary to mount the table in order to do so.


5 Responses to “table dude”

  1. Cody,

    Did you get to dissect a clam as well, or did you tend to more complicated sea life–like an urchin or something? If so, how was your own table mount?


  2. Not only he, but I, I found it neccesary for him to mount the table. If ever you are so deeply engrossed in something that you must mount a table&#8212manners and chairs be damned, you must mount the table!&#8212that day you are fortunate, you have discovered something about being alive.

  3. And your blog doesn’t do html unicode

  4. I know about the no html

  5. Either that or he’s constipated! (Sorry, I’m bad.)

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