My friend Milo Andrus looks like…

In Pictures, Ramblings on April 3, 2006 by Cody McComas

Woody Harrelson: (click images for larger)


Paul Newman:(click images for larger)





5 Responses to “My friend Milo Andrus looks like…”

  1. Wow. He is Paul Newman!

  2. that’s pretty fun. i don’t think i look like anyone famous, but you have some clooose ones

  3. hey cody,
    is your friend milo related to a famliy that lives in Rigby, ID? Is he the Milo that i knew at BYU-I? kinda looks like him…..

  4. Cool hand luke himself. Amazing isn’t it.

  5. how is Milo doing?

    what is he studying? is he still flying solo?

    sheesh, that is crazy. us “marmons” live in small world.

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