In Pictures, Ramblings on April 16, 2006 by Cody McComas

It is not my intent or desire to start a political discussion/debate. Just want to point out that, whether you agree with this man or not, this man takes no crap from anyone. People try to give crap to him, but he does not take it. No crap will be taken.


6 Responses to “Rumsfeld”

  1. (bites tongue off)


  2. Appreciated Ian.

  3. Is not-taking-any-crap a good thing to do? What is crap? Might presumed crap really be good advice sometimes?

  4. Excellent point Jared.

  5. Jared, quite giving us crap. Cody, you just received crap from Jared…and me.

  6. …It’s embarrassing to spell “quit” wrong while giving ones crap. Quit, Jared. Quit giving us crap.

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