Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'

In Ramblings on May 6, 2006 by Cody McComas

So maybe he does wear a tin-foil hat, but this is an interesting interview. I recommend watching the video that is available of the interview.

Hacker fears ‘UFO cover-up’


One Response to “Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'”

  1. Wow……I knew I didn’t know much about computers, but wow….you’d think such military or NASA corporations would give it a great deal of careful attention more than they do. It almost seems simple to, as well. I don’t think this, Gary was his name? should be allowed near a computer again….but 60 years in jail? I don’t know…..I think he could actually be quite useful out of jail…somewhere. I think I believe he wasn’t out to harm anything. Just a bit too curious about things that may or may not matter too much. You sure find a lot of interesting things, Cody.

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