In Music, Ramblings on August 19, 2006 by Cody McComas

1) Epiphone 12-string acoustic guitar

2) Mollenhauer electric guitar

3) Johnson acoustic mandolin

All three sunburst pattern.


2 Responses to “Triplets”

  1. Hi cody….are you glad to be back “home” sorta? Back in the north west anyway.

    How was your summer?

    I can’t ever figure out how to read your blog, cody? what do I do, what do I click on to read what you have to say about those 3 gee-tars?

    Did you buy them? Can you play them? I know you’re always trying something new!

    YOu probably taught yourself, eh?

    For some reason they don’t look like the “Oh Shannondoah” type accompaniment? HAH!

    wish you could come to our Reunion. we will miss you!!! just won’t be the same, for sure.

    hugs. aunt BArb

  2. 3 is a perfect number you know. You must be lucky.

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