Jared and me

In Pictures on September 16, 2006 by Cody McComas


Here we are:

(photo credits: Krista Cooperstien)


6 Responses to “Jared and me”

  1. Handsome Men…I like both of you…do you look like old?…or is it just me seeing you that way?

  2. That’s exactly what I thought..”cody looks like…older…like some man in a magazine who has succeeded or something!”

    Youre a hunk, Code. Auntie B loves you!

  3. Cody has succeeded. He is by nature a successful man.

    Jared, looking good. Clean lines.

  4. In response to the “looking old” compliments/comments, I have to tease Cody and blame it on his scruff combined with the photo being black and white. I think if it’d been in color, he wouldn’t seem quite as old. 🙂 Good photo-shopping, btw.

  5. Please compare

    After all these years…

  6. Independent of any resemblance, however, I really do like this picture. Good one, Krista. Thanks.

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