This is so inspiring to me:

In Music, Ramblings on September 17, 2006 by Cody McComas

The Album Leaf is the solo-project of Jimmy LaValle. His former work includes the ambient post-rock Tristeza, noise punk band The Locust, and epic-core group Black Heart Procession. With The Album Leaf, LaValle utilizes the elements of classical, ambient, jazz, and post-rock to form music that masterfully negotiates an even space between minimal electronic composition and mournful post-rock. Like many similar musicians in the genre, The Album Leaf uses white noise, field recordings, and radio transmissions to add to his work.” [via]

I have long been a fan of the music of The Album Leaf. Jimmy LaValle is a cohort with another one of my favorite bands, and Iceland residents, Sigur Ros. The music from both of these bands just has and incredible quality. A quality that makes me just stop…and think…and breathe…and consider what is most important to me. Just real good stuff. I came across this snippet on youtube; it is a mini-documentary on the making of the latest The Album Leaf record. There is just something about the feel of this that is so inspiring to me. Enjoy:


5 Responses to “This is so inspiring to me:”

  1. Holy smokes these guys are *good*.

  2. As the mormons say, “he has a good spirit about him.”

  3. I didn’t say that. But it’s good. I’ll have to check the album out.

  4. Yeah Nate, check them out. I am a big fan, hope you like them. Go to subpop records website (their label) and you can find a couple songs there.

  5. sweet nectar of the Gods…those guys are good…checkin’ out the tour schedule, it appears they will be in my hood, lucky me! You have a superb palate for tasty music Cody!

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