I'm gonna be taking a break…

In Ramblings on October 4, 2006 by Cody McComas

…from this whole blogging thing for a while.


7 Responses to “I'm gonna be taking a break…”

  1. i hope it’s because of school taking you away and not something worse, or yucky.

  2. goodbye for now friend

  3. No.

  4. Cody, you sound depressed. Is life sucking the life out of you like the dementors on Harry Potter? That’s what I feel like sometimes. I think certain people who can feel extreme joy and happiness in life also suffer often feeling extremes of pain and emptiness. It’s pretty much one or the other. And if you’re not depressed and I’m just going on nothing here, well then maybe someone else will relate to this and feel a little less alone in the world. And if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend the temple in times like these.

  5. For whatever reason…will be anxious for your return. I check that Barefoot boy, regularly.

  6. kelli,
    wise words….there are a lot of people out there you could probably relate exactly to what your saying.


  7. hope all is cool

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