You are all I long for

In Ramblings on December 5, 2006 by Cody McComas

“Yesterday, Nico woke up in his flat in Split, Croatia. On his closet door was a map created by his girlfriend, Andrea. The map showed different places for Nico to look as his took his usual route from his apartment to the academy where he studies.

What Nico found was an elaborate love poem done on the streets of Split by Andrea. She had put up stencils, paint, aerosol, collage wheat pastes and more. The last piece of the poem readswith last piece reads , ‘I love you’.”

Click here for all the pictures. This one is very worth it. So good. [via]


8 Responses to “You are all I long for”

  1. Wow! I mean seriously. So cute. Where did you find out about this? So great. Thanks for blogging this. Makes life richer knowing that people care and love sooo much for eachother.

  2. great find C. that is love for you. leads us to do crazy, creative, thoughtful things. pretty easy when the person you are in love with occupies EVERY thought of every day. I know how that feels. it is the best feeling and time for the two in love.

  3. above is from sam

  4. Very romantic; it reminds me of a scene from “Lake House” where these two people are in love with each other, but they are at different times (2004 and 2006) so they go for a walk with each other and the one from the past writes all these things, on builidings and such, for her to read as they walk “together”–very sweet.

  5. Mmm, and I wish guys did stuff like this more often without girls hinting for it or anything.

  6. Amber, indeed. Perhaps it should be noted that it was the girlfriend that did this one.

  7. graffiti shouts a voice often unheard… for this reason I am infatuated with it. Every time I see vocal paintings on walls, trains I think of people who love and/or want love… Listening comes with loving.. I commend the beings who were brave enough to show their love as such in this case but I also commend the lonely beings who have expressional courage still to continue shouting that they need love. All in all the world is just filled with beautiful people. Let them paint.

  8. Let them paint indeed!

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