The Hold Steady

In Music, Ramblings on January 20, 2007 by Cody McComas

Do you ever get obsessed with a band? You get your hands on all of their music that you can. You read all of the interviews you can find. You pore over their lyrics. You read about all the members. You check out all the videos tagged with their name on Youtube. Well, if you ever have been like that with a band, then you know how I am right now with The Hold Steady. They are a Brooklyn-based band headed up by Craig Finn. I love their energy. Their lyrics are a fascinating narrative.

“she said my name is rick danko but people call me one-hour photo. i’ve got some hazardous chemicals. drive around to the window. she said my name is robbie robertson but people call me robo. i blew red white and blue right into a tissue. i came right over the counter just to kiss you.”

They have been hailed as the band that is saving Rock & Roll (definitely a debatable point). Well enough of me talking about them, here are a couple of their songs. Enjoy, I know I do.

download You Gotta Dance (with who you came to the dance with) by The Hold Steady

download Knuckles by The Hold Steady

*side note* check out that fancy new embedded song player I’ve got working, not too bad eh?


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