Feels good

In Ramblings on February 11, 2007 by Cody McComas

I am feeling better about Life than I have in a long, long time. Feels great.


5 Responses to “Feels good”

  1. That is the best news in the world… Nothing better than being happy. I feel it for you!

  2. Good news bro, very glad to hear it.

  3. Me too…I think it happened when the temperature roze above 32 degrees for the first time in almost a month and it was in the 50s!

    Congrats to you Code!

  4. Uh, that is great considering you are in Pullman! Have you been out to Zoes? I miss those days. You know; a steamer, good music, and good company. Especially on the nights when I should have been studying! Hope all is well.

  5. What’s changed? Maybe I need some of that “magic potion?”

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