A Frivolous Life

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2007 by Cody McComas

A Frivolous Life – Ben Saunders | Adventurer, Athlete, Motivational Speaker
“I have a choice, the same choice that faces every man. I can live a frivolous life, trying to impress others with the house I live in, the clothes I wear, the car I drive. I can strive to be a success in the way of the world, seeking the admiration of others, reveling in their jealousy. I can seek domination over my family and fellow workers in a vain attempt to hide my own deficiencies. I can seek fame, which is the most elusive pursuit of all, for it has no substance and soon vanishes in the air.

I can indulge in endless prattle about my friends and neighbours, dissipating my life’s energy a little at a time. I can wallow in self-pity, refusing to accept responsibility for my own circumstances. I can manipulate others into taking care of me, which is the way of all petty tyrants. I can complain about boredom, as if it were up to those around me to inject excitement into my day.

These are the patterns of the living dead, people who have forsaken life, who are willing to squander their most precious gift, because they refuse to face up to the reality of death. If they wanted to live, truly wanted to live, they would rise up in a resurrection of their own making and commit themselves to the life they have.”


3 Responses to “A Frivolous Life”

  1. WOW…double WOW

  2. being a better person… a good person in a fundamental way… just for the sake of it. oh cody, sometimes it feels like you read my mind and then give words to what i love. it reminds me of my favourite quote “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”
    perhaps a resurrection of our own making is a difficult place to start when it’s big picture. the commitment can seem to be overwhelming when it is simply words and the battle seems to be all uphill. if we just make that promise one day at a time we can all be better people… those single days and single moments all add up to be a work of art – the beauty of the world, the smells of the earth and those we love, a great soundtrack, the sensation of home – all intertwined with faith, respect and honesty. that is the greatest thing we can hope for — a life lived – truly lived with earnest intention.

    was that too deep? i get a little worked up sometimes… i’m just saying… i’ve had ocean view so i’m in a really happy place right now… you KNOW where arroz con pollo ranks in the scheme of things…

  3. Love this…thanks for posting. THis reminds me so much of the concepts in Atlas Shrugged. Great book…if you haven’t read it, I recommend checkin it out!

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