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Only if you’re helicase can you unzip my genes.


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  1. C-
    so the lab where i work got a new machine, that does some incredible stuff. for instance, it splits DNA, then has made markers that fit onto specific amino acid sequences, binds to them, waits for polymerase to come along and break that new marker off the chain so transcription can take place, and when it is released, a dye is also activated, and under a specific wave length of light, that dye floureses, making it known that the DNA of specific a thing (bacteria in this case) is present. It can also do virus testing thru another interesting cascade of RNA to DNA reactions. It is called polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR). Look it up if you have time, we got the machine from Cephied.

    The dude that thought this all up must be a GENIUS. (and now $$rich$$)

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