DNA Replication

In Ramblings on September 19, 2007 by Cody McComas

Check this out. This is DNA replication. This isn’t exactly a video of the process, but it certainly is not merely an animation either. It’s more like an ultrasound. At any rate it is beautiful and amazing. This particular version is set to music. For a narrated version with some other goodies check here. I love this stuff.


2 Responses to “DNA Replication”

  1. LOVE it. it’s so perfect. it’s amazing. my personal favourite is rolling circle replication…

    you can read a really interesting article about it here:
    or here

    i’m not sure if everyone finds it as scintillating a read as i do…
    perhaps we shouldn’t tell everyone i read molecular genetics articles in my spare time.

    regardless enjoy

  2. Cody, you’re amazing. I’m really glad that you’ve found another great passion for something. =)

    I miss you daily my friend.

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