Bob Lefsetz » The Joy Of The DMB

In Music on October 3, 2007 by Cody McComas

“I gave up the herb many moons ago, but when the acrid smell permeated the Hollywood Bowl during the first number, I felt an adrenaline rush. This was the experience. The rock and roll experience.

You work all day to make enough money to go to the show. And when the band hits the stage, no matter if you’re in the very first row or the last, you become elated, you feel privileged just to BE THERE!

We live in a sick society. One in which a pop star is being driven towards suicide by an unrelenting need for the public to know. What do we need to know? That even if you’re rich, life is hard?

Tourists come to Hollywood to go clubbing with the twentysomething famous. They want the allure to rub off on them. But, if you were in attendance last night, you’d forfeit your pass to the freak show just to BE Dave Matthews. To get to play music EVERY NIGHT!

Stardom is the byproduct. At the heart, there’s music.”

Bob Lefsetz » The Joy Of The DMB


One Response to “Bob Lefsetz » The Joy Of The DMB”

  1. Cool…it’s good to know there are still a few left in Hollywood worth seeing, most of what you can’t avoid hearing or seeing about are those that get too caught up in the limelight at all costs. Glad you enjoyed the show. There is still talented out there, without all the drama.

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