Why We Should All Become Muslims

In Ramblings on November 2, 2007 by Cody McComas

I tried to put up just a selection of this post, but it is all just so good. I quote Scott Adams (the writer of Dilbert):

“There are a lot of Christians in the world. They seem happy with their choice of religion. There are a lot of Hindus too, and they seem just as happy. It’s the same with the Buddhists, atheists, and Muslims. Your choice of religion, or no religion, seems to have no impact on your happiness.

People switch from every type of religion to every other type. Muslims become Christians, Christians become Buddhists, Hindus become atheists, and so on. If moving from any one of those religions to any other made people happier, we’d know that by now.

No one really knows the meaning of life, but we all agree that happiness is a worthy goal. And we all generally agree that being alive is better than being dead. Even suicide bombers believe in the value of life and happiness, and are willing to die to improve the situation for those they leave behind. They just aren’t good at it.

Therefore, if we are rational, we should all become moderate, peace-loving Muslims. Our happiness would stay the same, and Osama wouldn’t have as much reason to nuke us.

Being Muslim won’t entirely eliminate the problem of people trying to kill you. Sunnis and Shiites will still fight each other. But I have a hard time believing the United States would be a target for terror if we were all peace-loving Muslims and minded our own business.

Osama and his gang want to form a giant caliphate, essentially a world government run by Islamic law with an Islamic leader. But if 300 million Americans become Islamic, he’s not going to want us in the group because we’d be too influential with our relatively moderate ways. We’d be unsuitable as either an enemy or an ally. His best strategy would be to ignore us.

You’re probably thinking there is no way you could be happy becoming a Muslim, unless you already are one. But that flies in the face of all science and evidence. Apparently people can be just as happy no matter what religion they pursue. You wouldn’t like the transition period, but you don’t like living in a world that is dominated by a fear of nuclear terror either. And once you got used to your new religion, your happiness would revert to its norm.

But you won’t convert to Islam, and not just because everyone else has to do it or it won’t reduce the threat of terror. You won’t do it because you think it is a false religion. That’s irrational, because the existence of multiple religions tells you that people are not equipped to know which one is right, no matter how much they try. If humans had that capacity, everyone would already be the same religion, or at least all the smart people would.

And it’s irrational to believe you would not be happy as a Muslim when you see plenty of practicing Muslims in this country who are perfectly happy with their choice. You would be happy with any religion after you got used to it, especially if all your friends joined in.

Becoming a Hindu won’t make you safer from terrorism. Becoming a Buddhist won’t help. The only religion that will make you safer is Islam, and it will have no long term impact on your happiness.

It is irrational to resist becoming a Muslim if the alternative is possible nuclear annihilation.

Discuss.” [original post here]

Scott Adams is witty, frighteningly intelligent, and sometimes offensive. Just the right mix to keep me reading.




4 Responses to “Why We Should All Become Muslims”

  1. Well except for the part about Scott being dead wrong (or maybe because of it), this is amusing. He thinks Osama would ignore us if we were all Muslims because we’d be too moderate? Uh, it’s our “moderateness” now that makes him so mad. Start carrying the flag of his religion around to boot and I somehow don’t see that calming him down. He’d still call us heretics and want us dead so he could rule the world without us in the way, remember, that’s his whole goal with “The Caliphate.” The goal of the Caliphate isn’t to create a world government where anyone would have “influence” — it’s to create a world dictatorship of tyranny like they do anywhere they establish a miniature version of their idea (e.g. Iran). Of course they’d start with wiping out all the Jews and other minorities. And gays of course because they don’t exists. Scott is indeed brilliant, but he’s displaying an amusing lack of it on this one. Which isn’t a surprise coming from an atheist.

  2. I am not going to choose a religion based on which is most safe, but interesting theory.

  3. Why don’t we work on converting Osama and his regime to another religion? One that doesn’t involve killing innocent people. Oh wait, I think most religions have killed in the name of doing what they think is best. So why don’t we just kill all psychos that are trying to kill us first? Any volunteers?

  4. Cody, I loved reading this, thank you for introducing me to this writer, witty and beautiful I think it is 🙂
    As are you 🙂
    Nice work.

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