I recently saw my friend’s mom…

In Ramblings on December 3, 2007 by Cody McComas

…and she said, “Cody you look great. You look like a quarterback, but before he worked out.” She said it with total sincerity. It was a really nice way to say that I look scrawny, but a handsome scrawny. This of course is assuming that she thinks quarterbacks are generally handsome. So funny.


2 Responses to “I recently saw my friend’s mom…”

  1. Cody…that story made me laugh! I’m glad you have a good self esteem…so you’re not all “maucho” crushed! hah!

    YOu do look good…you look healthy and handsome and full of light and happiness and good choices and smart and well….just like “Mr Shine on!” should.

    Hugs and “Glitter” from your Aunt Barb!

  2. Yip….you are a handsome – scrawny…not as scrawny as ya used ta be, however.

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