Brush Teeth

In Ramblings on January 23, 2008 by Cody McComas

If you’ve never tried brushing your teeth in the shower you really should. Really. It’s great.


6 Responses to “Brush Teeth”

  1. I concur.

  2. Yip, one of the highlights. Actually like to let the foam run off my chin. You know rabid dog style.

  3. I saw Lalis’ toothbrush in the shower and I was slightly confused. It never occurred to me that this would be enjoyable; now I must try it. I actually thought she was using it to deep clean the tile–sounds like something she would do.

  4. Ok, ok, ok. So, I just stumbled across this and I’m trying to figure out how this works exactly and what is wrong with the sink. Are you too good for the sink? How is this hot?

  5. I must say that the premise sounds inviting. However I found that I dislike rinsing my mouth out with hot water almost as much as I dislike taking cold showers.

  6. I love brushing my teeth with warm water…I also love brushing my teeth in the shower with the window open. Oh and could someone tell me where I can find a great shower toothbrush holder? Setting my toothbrush next to my razor isn’t my idea of having a clean mouth.

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