Ben Saunders : North Pole Speed Record

In Ramblings on March 20, 2008 by Cody McComas

“An attempt to set a new world speed record from Ward Hunt Island to the Geographic North Pole by Ben Saunders. The current record was set in 2005 by a guided team using dog sleds and numerous re-supplies in a time of 36 days 22 hours. Ben’s expedition will be solo and unsupported and on foot. This route has only ever been completed once solo and unsupported, by Pen Hadow in 2003. Ben aims to halve his time and complete it in 30 days. More than geographic exploration, Ben is exploring the limits of his own human potential.”

This guy is awesome. I have been following his writings for a while. He is going to be blogging daily on his voyage via a satellite phone it looks like. He’s starting this week and you can follow his blog here.


2 Responses to “Ben Saunders : North Pole Speed Record”

  1. Have you seen his speech on He does a great job.

  2. Sam: yeah that is where I first saw him and started following him. Awesome stuff.

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