This guy is hardcore!

In Ramblings on April 26, 2008 by Cody McComas

“The first I got whopped by a bee whilst raiding a bees nest to get honey. Hence the photo here. (although I did get the honey!)

But it meant that I had to spend the rest of the shoot looking like this, feeling terrible and only able to open my eyes with much effort.

It made fighting a big pit viper rattlesnake interesting! (Although I did eventually get it. I then could eat it, and then use its skin to store my urine in whilst in the burning hot salt pan desert. (The cocktail of snake innards and pee was truly terrible!)

I was then in the swamps – these are always the toughest shows to do- and I did end up having a pretty full-on encounter with a 6ft alligator. I came out on top, just, skinned it for cordage for my camp to sleep in, rubbed the alligator fat on me for mosquito repellant and then ate it.”

This guy is insane! follow this link to go to this blog post and see his really swollen face from the bee stings. Insane.


One Response to “This guy is hardcore!”

  1. Hi Bear my name is Cameron I try to watch your show when ever i can but i got grounded for making two fs! So i record them I’m 11 years old i have never got two fs. i play foot ball when i don’t play football i go out side and try to make limetooms and make snears ,fires with my dad and eat certian bugs. I go to Edneyville Elimentary N.C pleas write mback soon! p.s your Awsome!!!!!!! and i want tbe a navy seal.

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