Annoying Shower!

In Ramblings on March 18, 2009 by Cody McComas

Any tips to keep the plastic shower curtain from attacking me and sticking to me while I’m trying to shower?!?! It’s driving me bonkers! Please leave your tips in the comments.

P.S. My tub is plastic, so the little magnets at the bottom of the curtain don’t stick to it.


8 Responses to “Annoying Shower!”

  1. I wonder if getting one of those curved shower rods would help.

  2. well, this is what I do. Are you ready, take a deep breathe. start the shower before stepping in. Once I get in, I make the shower stick against the wall, on both ends. Then, I put my shampoo bottle and contidioner bottle on the corners after you have the curtain cling to the wall with the water. with the curtain underneath, and then there’s a little bit of an extra space, because the curtain is out an inch or to, and it helps it from clinging to my wet body. And make sure the door is shut to the bathroom, because the air will make it waft in. If this is the case, let a little water collect just above the tub,on the curtain, and the shampoo and conditioners will help the curtain from falling on the outside of the tub.

    See, now aren’t you glad you asked?!?

  3. 3 words:

  4. Cody in my experience… I find that if I get it a bit wet I can just stick it on to the edge of the shower… even if plastic. I would go with Amy’s advice. It seems like that should do the trick. If not my advice is to use a rag and call it good. ha.

  5. I can’t believe no one has suggested the obvious solution – wear overalls! Wet shower curtains do NOT stick to overalls.

  6. I suggest building a wall much like the cover to a roll-top desk. If that seems too complicated, use a slab of plywood.

    Or you could take it off and get a super powered fan to blow all the water back into the shower area.

    This is easily one of the most answerable problems I have ever heard of.

  7. I used to have this problem. I moved my shower curtain rod out a little past the tub, so that it wasn’t as close to me, in general. I think that the chances of it traveling that extra distance to attempt to spoon with you is pretty small. It will, more likely, hug the tub.

  8. Amy’s idea sounds pretty good, but Mel’s is the winner! We had the same problem and the curved shower curtain rod really helped … and for the record, If you are anything like my husband, you expire after about 17 hours and so I think you should keep showering. =)

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