Don’t you forget it.

In Ramblings on April 18, 2009 by Cody McComas

“Life is for living.  It’s not something that’s got rules, that has to be done a certain way so a small elite of gatekeepers will approve.

You know the hit of a live show.  The great ones are all different.  Didn’t the Grateful Dead prove this?  The music washes over you and not only do you review your life memories, you make new ones, you can’t help yourself, life is unfolding as you’re standing there listening.  You’re catching the humans, wandering around in all their uniqueness, you’re staring at the blowing snow in the spotlights, you’re telling yourself HOW…GREAT IT IS TO BE ALIVE!

That’s music’s power.  Don’t you ever forget it.”

–Bob Lefsetz


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