I won’t worry my life away

In Ramblings on June 3, 2009 by Cody McComas

Remember that catchy phrase I won’t worry my life away? For the first time in my life it’s manifested into something more than just a concept. Worry is what happens when we create meaning in a way that brings us down and it’s usually about an event that never really happens. If a dog bites me, I might worry that it could happen again. But that’s me worrying about a dog bite that has yet to happen. It’s me holding on to being bit by a dog. My future is full of dogs biting me. Get it? Therefore, the power in saying a dog bit me has more freedom and truth than saying, “Dogs don’t like me,” which is a worry filled statement.

–Jason Mraz

via freshness factor five thousand.


One Response to “I won’t worry my life away”

  1. Love this perspective!

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